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Koning & Drenth B.V. specialises in transporting goods in bulk. The transport orders are carried out subject to the ISO-9001 and GMP standards. Koning & Drenth has a wide range of lorry types for transporting various goods. Approximately 50 vehicles are on the road every day, varying from 90m3 container combinations to lorries with a 100 m3 moving floor. There are also other moving floor trucks and trailers. Koning & Drenth focuses primarily on industry, the recycling and the agricultural sector. The company’s working area covers the Benelux countries, Germany and the United Kingdom.


In Koning & Drenth, the industry has a partner it can rely on. ‘Dedicated transport’ is also arranged for some clients. The use of moving floors makes it possible to combine goods in bulk with packaged goods. Examples of the products we transport include road salt, animal feeds, magnesite, coal, paper, cocoa beans and pallets. Potting soil and waste paper are the most important transport products for Koning & Drenth: trailers with the moving floor system are used for this purpose.

(Nederlands) Truck- en Trailer Service

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Because of the diversity of the materials, Koning & Drenth is frequently engaged for the transport of recycling materials. To give an example, Koning & Drenth collects waste products from old paper from the northern paper and board factories. Also for a big paper-recycling factory in Belgium we do transport from England to Belgium. The materials are transported onwards via transhipment at our company’s own site. Other materials we transport include wastepaper, scrap and woodchips.

(Nederlands) A.D.R.

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Bieten laden


Koning & Drenth has always had strong links with the agricultural sector, and that is still the case today. Working in collaboration with clients, logistics concepts are developed that result in a win-win situation. In this sector Koning & Drenth transports products such as green forage and sugar beets.